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Accessibility Statement


The intention of this statement is for Craggan Outdoors to offer insight & guidance as to access to our facilities & services, so as those with access needs &/or their carers can judge & form their own opinion as to the suitability for any given individual. We hope that you will find below the information that you require, but should you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We also welcome input from visitors so as we can further enhance this statement & the benefit that it is intended to offer.

Getting Here & Initial Access
Our location & directions to Craggan Outdoors can be found on the ‘Getting Here’ page of our website. This covers the main activity centre, & our Ardenbeg Bunkhouse, with further detailed directions available from us for those booked to stay at our Glenbeg Bunkhouse &/or Bothy.

Once at Craggan Outdoors, there is a large level car park, with three dedicated ‘Disabled’ parking spaces at the closest point of exit from the car park to the facilities. It is then 30 metres or so over broadly level but slightly undulating ground to our Clubhouse Cafe. Please note that this is a fine gravel / quarry dust path, so is ordinarily suited to wheelchairs, mobility scooters & buggies, but after heavy rain can become a little soft, & accordingly wheels can sink in a little. There is a concrete ramp with an easy gradient at the front of the building which permits wheeled access, & large double doors to facilitate easy access to the building itself. Once inside, there is no fixed furniture or other set obstacles, so tables & chairs can be moved as appropriate & necessary to suit & accommodate individual requirements.At our Glenbeg Bunkhouse & Bothy, which is at a separate location to our main centre – please see the ‘Getting Here’ page for details – vehicles can park immediately outside & between the buildings, just a few metres from the door of each property. Ground is level, but is formed of a combination of earth, gravel & woodchip, so can be a little soft after rain.

At Ardenbeg Bunkhouse, a separate location to the main centre & Glenbeg Bunkhouse & Bothy, there is private off-road parking that varies between level & a slight incline. Please note that the car park surface is gravel. The accommodation is approached down a flight of eight steps, each measuring 90cm wide x 57cm deep x 17cm high.

Toilets: there is a 2.1 x 2.1 metre ‘Disabled’ toilet at the activity centre, with a 79cm wide doorway. This is en route from the car park to the Clubhouse Cafe, & is the closest building to the car park. There are no toilets within the Clubhouse Cafe itself.

Assistance Dogs
We welcome guide dogs, hearing dogs, & other recognised assistance dogs.

Learning Difficulties
Our instructors are employed as much for their people skills as for their technical skills & qualifications in regard to the activities, & as such are skilled at employing the appropriate communication techniques to best interact with any given client or client group.

At time of writing, Craggan Outdoors offer 24 different activities. These range from what could broadly be considered as easily accessible & low energy, such as archery, art & creativity, & laser clay pigeon shooting, through to highly physical & energetic options in natural environments that could definitely not be described as easily accessible, such as gorge walking, rock climbing & white water rafting.

Again broadly speaking, it has been our experience that there is something on offer to suit almost everybody that would like to visit us. Over the years we have had people with a wide range of additional needs participating in & enjoying a wide range of our activities, & our approach is very much to seek to accommodate the wishes of all that would like to visit, always bearing in mind of course what is practicable & realistic, & always with safety for the individual participant, instructor, & other group members being paramount.

So rather than try to consider every possible combination of additional / access needs with each activity, what we like to do at the time of initial enquiry is to discuss in detail the specific situation & requirements of any given individual or group, with a view to working with the group organiser to determine what may be a suitable choice, or choices, with all applicable information therefore being available & considered as part of the initial enquiry process, prior to progressing to make any booking. All instructor-led activities need to be booked in advance.

In addition to our own approach, knowledge & experience – check out our Additional & Special Needs page – we are also fortunate to have based nearby a profit-for-purpose company & charity called Equal Adventure, which specialise in “resourcing & inspiring inclusive adventure, sport & active lifestyles with disabled people”, & accordingly can call on their expertise & resources as necessary & appropriate. We also recommend paying their website a visit to learn more about the fantastic work that they do.

Golf course: a round of golf, or it’s variants that we also offer – disc golf & footgolf – cover a course distance of up to 1,269 yards for a 9-hole round. The course is almost always firm under foot / wheel, except after heavy rain, with it being possible to navigate the course entirely on smooth short grass, unless going awry into the rough of course. There is a good degree of rise & fall in the level of the ground, & whilst wheelchairs, mobility scooters & buggies are welcome – subject to having suitable ‘off road’ wheels / tyres if going on to greens – accordingly there are a few slopes / hills to negotiate, the largest of which rises around 12 metres. Please note that we do not have electric golf carts / buggies for hire at the course, so players will need to bring their own if such is required.

Fishery: our fishery is ‘pay & play’ like the golf course, so no need to book in advance, so as with the golf we have singled this out from our wider range of activities in order to provide specific access information. Do please call us though if you wish to discuss further before deciding whether to visit.

It is around 80 metres from the car park to the closest piece of water of our fishery. The first 30 metres or so is as described in the ‘Getting Here & Initial Access’ section, & then moving on to grass. Again this is broadly level but slightly undulating, & except after the heaviest rain is usually firm under foot / wheel. The nearest bank of the nearest piece of water is free of bushes & trees & other such obstructions, & includes a specially designed promontory to enable enhanced access to the water for wheelchair users.

Overall the fishery measures around 150 metres square, with multiple smaller pieces of water / ponds split by various grass footpaths running between them. Footpaths are all broadly level, but vary in height above the water from just a few inches to a a metre-plus, so the ground can be significantly damper & softer on the lower lying paths / banks. Specific guidance can be given in the Clubhouse when purchasing your fishing ticket.

Ardenbeg Bunkhouse: please see ‘Getting Here & Initial Access’ above. The accommodation itself is split into ‘Lower’ & ‘Upper’ sections. The Lower bunkhouse is entered through a 77cm wide doorway, into a tiled hallway / corridor. Off of this hallway is a 5-bed bunkroom (2.6m x 95cm floor area) with en-suite bathroom (toilet cubicle, shower cubicle & sink), an 8-bed bunkroom (2.7m x 2m floor area), a further bathroom (1.46m x 2.3m with toilet, sink, shower cubicle), & at the end of the corridor – up one small (10cm high) step – access to the kitchen / dining / common room (3m x 3.6m floor area), & a separate cool room with fridge-freezer for food & drink storage. Internal doorways are a minimum of 64cm wide. As the Lower bunkhouse is in what was originally the cellar of the main house, it does have limited / no natural light in places, although of course is artificially lit throughout.

The Upper bunkhouse is entered through a 70cm wide doorway, & there is immediately in front a flight of 15 smooth painted concrete steps which each measure 17cm high x 27cm deep. At the top of the stairs is a 2m x 92cm landing, prior to passing through a 72cm wide doorway into a vinyl floored corridor. Off of this corridor is a 6-bed bunkroom (4m x 2.5m floor area), a 4-bed bunkroom (4m x 66cm floor area), & two bathrooms, each with toilet cubicle, shower cubicle & sink. At the end of the corridor is the kitchen / dining / common room. This & the two bedrooms have windows & good natural light. The two bathrooms are set within the building, so are only lit artificially. Internal doorways are a minimum of 64cm wide.

Glenbeg Bunkhouse & Bothy: please see ‘Getting Here & Initial Access’ above. The bunkhouse is approached on level ground through a 70cm wide doorway into a 2.30m x 97cm entrance hall. This door is actually the narrowest doorway in the property, with nothing else below 72cm wide. The kitchen (3m x 5.8m floor area excluding fixed kitchen units) is immediately off of the entrance hall through a further doorway, & double doors then lead from the kitchen into the dining / common room (3.8m x 4.1m floor area). Floors in both rooms are stripped & dark brown varnished floorboards. There is no fixed furniture in either room, so tables, benches & chairs can be moved & set as required to suit & accommodate individual requirements.

A second door from the entrance hall leads into a corridor, with a single bathroom (1.3m x 1.2m floor area, with toilet, shower cubicle & sink) immediately on the left, & leading round to two further communal bathrooms (each 3.1m x 90cm), each comprising two toilet cubicles, two shower cubicles & two sinks. This corridor & the three bathrooms are all laid with a rough effect vinyl flooring in a black & white tile pattern.

Also off of this corridor is a flight of 14 dark brown carpeted stairs, with each step measuring 21cm high x 26cm deep, with a banister / handrail for the full flight, leading up to the three bedrooms. These are accessed off an upstairs landing, with bunkrooms being of 4 (2.2m x 70cm floor area), 11 (2.8m x 2.1m), & 12 beds (3.1m x 1.9m). The 12-bed room is comprised of four triple bunks, the 11-bed room of three triples & a standard double, & the 4-bed if two standard bunks. All floors upstairs are stripped & dark brown varnished floorboards.

Glenbeg Bothy is entered through an 85cm wide front door, with a small lip at the bottom sill, into a dark wood effect vinyl floored entrance hallway (2.5m x 97cm). Turning immediately right goes into the 6-bed (three standard bunks) sleeping area which has a 2.3m x 3.5m floor area between the bunks. Off of this through an 80cm wide door is a 3.4m x 2.1m ‘wheelchair-friendly’ wet-room with non-slip floor, with curtained off shower with fold-down seat, toilet & low level sink. If turning left on entering the Bothy, then a 77cm doorway takes one into the kitchen. This has a flagstone floor which is broadly level, but with the small ups & downs & cracks between stones that you would expect of this type of floor. Floor area is 3.3m x 3.1m (excluding fixed kitchen units)& kitchen tables & chairs are not fixed, so can be moved to accommodate individual requirements.

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