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Art & Creativity

Filed in Indoor, Land, Outdoor by on 23rd December 2015 • views: 14531

Fancy something a little different to go alongside your outdoor experiences? Then how about trying one of our range of art and creativity-based experiences which take place in the relaxed indoor environment of our Clubhouse Cafe. We offer a range of options – all led by an inspiring local artist – from which to choose and feel that there’s something for everyone from school and youth groups, those with additional or special needs, hen parties and corporate groups. All can be built into a programme alongside one or more of our outdoor activities. Choose from:

  • Coaster / tile painting….express yourself and create a memorable everyday keepsake through painting a coaster for your coffee mug or trivet for hot pans, or work together to create a celebratory piece of wall art.
  • Jewellery making….design and make a beautiful bracelet or necklace for yourself or someone special, using a variety of techniques and materials, utilising upcycled textiles and other interesting materials, from drinks bottles to magazines.
  • Natural art….be inspired by our beautiful Speyside environment as you collect a range of natural materials that you then use to create your own picture or picture frame.
  • Textile art….learn exciting mixed-media techniques to design & create stunning pictures using paints, threads, fleece and vintage textiles.
  • Collaborative wall hanging….the group work as a team to design and create a larger piece of artwork – use any combination of paints, stencils, mosaic, fabrics, natural resources, recyclable materials & so on – that can be taken away and admired long after you’ve left.
  • Wine glass painting….release your inner artistic talents and create stunning decorations on a pair of wine glasses, either for yourself or as a uniquely personal gift. Ideal for hen groups; paint one for yourself and one for the hen to deliver the perfect mementos of the weekend.

Choose a standard session of any of these options, or if the idea has sparked a thought in your mind about how one of them could be tailored to meet a specific objective that you may have for your group, then talk to us about your idea and we can run with things from there for you. All art and creativity-based activities are priced from £29 per person upwards, depending upon the number of participants. Always book ahead to avoid disappointment. And don’t forget to ask us about catering for your group aswell.

Vouchers also available.

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