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Filed in Land, Outdoor by on 21st December 2015 • views: 17977

Bushcraft is about surviving and thriving in the natural environment, using knowledge and skills that have been in existence for many thousands of years. In our modern world the vast majority of people no longer have these skills and knowledge, but bushcraft is still very much critical and a way of life for many aboriginal and native peoples around the world. Television coverage of specialists such as Ray Mears, Bruce Parry and Bear Grylls has been instrumental in reawakening interest in the UK in this ancient and traditional craft.

Craggan Outdoors – BEST OUTDOOR ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE in the Scottish Outdoor Leisure Awards 2019 – offer half-day and full-day bushcraft sessions for small groups. Areas of knowledge and skills that can be covered include fire starting using traditional methods, shelter building, wood lore (flora and fauna identification, and animal tracks and tracking), and navigation. Sessions can either cover a selection of these areas, as appropriate to the type of group, terrain, weather and time of year, or be tailored to specific areas of interest for any given group. You can either tell us in advance if there’s anything of specific interest for your group, or the instructor will liaise with you on the day.

All sessions are lead by an experienced bushcraft instructor, and operate under the ‘leave no trace’ ethos. If you like your adventure on the slow & leisurely at-one-with-nature end of the spectrum, then bushcraft is one for you. Price per person is from £29 for a half-day and £51 for a full-day. Longer courses can also be arranged subject to demand. Always book ahead to avoid disappointment. And don’t forget to ask us about catering for your group aswell.

Vouchers also available.

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