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Clay Pigeon Shooting (Laser clays)

Filed in Land, Outdoor by on 20th December 2015 • views: 27334

Craggan Outdoors – BEST OUTDOOR ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE in the Scottish Outdoor Leisure Awards 2019 – introduced laser clay pigeon shooting (or laserclays as it’s also known) to the area back in 2015 when the decision was taken to change from traditional clay pigeon shooting to this more inclusive version. Based on traditional clay shooting, laserclays instead uses deactivated 12-bore shotguns that have been adapted to fire an infrared beam. The clays are also adapted, being non-breaking & with a reflective strip to receive the hit from the beam. Hits are indicated by an electronic ‘shattering’ sound & a green light on the barrel, & are registered on the electronic scoreboard for all to see.

The beauty of the system is that it permits up to five people to shoot at the same time, at the same clay, & to register double hits on the same clay, instead of individuals shooting one at a time & everybody else waiting their turn. The competitive element is therefore immediately enhanced, & everybody can see from the scoreboard how everybody else is getting on. After a few practice shots to get your eye in, a series of different games then gives the opportunity to test your accuracy & speed of shot, & to see how you rate against the rest of your group.

A laserclays session of 1-2 hours (depending upon the size of group) will see you shoot at a minimum of 60 clays, & as shooting twice at each clay, taking a minimum of 120 shots. Compare that to the 25-50 clays & shots from a traditional clay pigeon shoot, & with pricing at a lower level aswell – from £32 per person & up depending upon the size of your group – we reckon that for a shooting experience it can’t be beaten.

As there is no recoil from the gun, nor loud bangs when the trigger is pulled, it’s also a much gentler way to try shooting, & accordingly is more readily accessible & attractive to people that may be nervous of the idea of handling a traditional live shotgun, & also people of slighter build & younger years. We suggest a minimum age of 10-11 years for a full session, but younger children can easily try a few shots as part of a family session.

Sound good? Then contact us now to arrange to come along & have a shot! Always book ahead to avoid disappointment. And don’t forget to ask us about catering for your group aswell.

Vouchers also available.

Also worth noting is that our laser clay pigeon equipment is portable, so as long as we have a suitable space in terms of size & safety – it can even be done inside – then we can come to you….ideal for corporate events, big family gatherings, fetes & fairs, Highland Games & so on.

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