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Glenbeg Estate

Glenbeg Estate lies on the outskirts of Grantown on Spey, a town in the Highlands of Scotland. Grantown was founded in 1765 by Good Sir James Grant, whose family were once the owners of what is now known as Glenbeg Estate. Glenbeg Estate is part of a traditional highland sporting estate. Historically, the estate comprised of Lochindorb Grouse moor (a low ground Pheasant shoot), salmon fishing on the river Spey, forestry and numerous agricultural tenancies.

The forestry on the estate consists of around 200 acres of Scots pine and Larch, planted by the previous owner around 35-40 years ago. In the past, β€˜exotic’ species such as Sitca spruce and Douglas firs were prominent on the estate, however these species have now been almost entirely removed. In addition, there are about 700 acres of Birch woods which have Juniper, Alder, Rowan, Aspen and other species scattered through them. This area is used almost entirely for the low ground shoot and is a sanctuary for all types of wildlife. A new 250 hectare wood is in the process of being planted on Gorton Hill. This will be an area of amenity woodland which will support nearly all types of bird life as well as mammals and insects.

In the past the estate would have supported jobs in game keeping, forestry and farming. In modern times however the estate has changed from the above. Although it still supports work in these areas, it has changed to fit the modern world. In recent years the estate has evolved and is now linked to tourism. In 1990 the first fishing ponds were built. In 1995 the first 9 holes of the Golf course were built and in 2000 the golf course expanded to 18 holes, although subsequently reduced to 14 holes during winter 2011-12. Craggan Outdoors, the TripAdvisor top-rated outdoor activity centre, opened for business in 2003 and has been developing ever since, now offering more than twenty activities to an ever-growing number of visitors to the area.

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