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Mini Quads

Filed in Land, Outdoor by on 10th December 2015 • views: 24946

Got kids between the ages of six and eleven? They’ll love our 50cc mini quads! At Craggan Outdoors – BEST OUTDOOR ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE in the Scottish Outdoor Leisure Awards 2019 – we have a purpose-built fully enclosed track which gives a challenging but safe environment for youngsters to experience the thrill of having control of their own ‘motorbike’. Check out the video above to see a session in operation.

Having been fitted with helmet and gloves, your child will be given a familiarisation of the quad and how to ride it safely, a few laps around our small trainer circuit in order that we can ensure that they are safely in control of the machine, before they then have the opportunity to ride laps of the larger main track. Our mini-quad sessions are managed by a well-trained and attentive instructor, and operate on a ratio of one instructor to maximum three quads / children at any one time.

In order to be able to experience our mini quads, children must be between 6 and 11 years of age, subject to a maximum weight of 40kg / 6 stone 4lbs, & for safety reasons must be wearing enclosed shoes, long trousers and long sleeves. Price per child is £27 for a 30 minute session, with this including kitting up & initial safety brief & ride around our ‘test track’, & then laps of the main track. As with all our activities, it’s best to pre-book in order to avoid disappointment. And don’t forget to ask us about catering for your group aswell.

Mini quads are also a great idea as a focus for birthday parties. We can provide the venue, the entertainment and the catering, so get in touch if you wish to give your child a party to remember!

Vouchers also available.

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