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Our Charity

Water For Kids

Craggan Outdoors’ chosen charity is Water For Kids, a small charity which provides safe water, sanitation and health education to children and communities in a number of developing countries. They are currently working on projects in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Tanzania, and have previously been involved with projects in Peru, India and The Gambia.

Being fortunate to live in a country where we take the provision of safe water and sanitation for granted, at Craggan Outdoors we think it right to utilise the fact that we have a business that uses our abundance of water for leisure purposes, to highlight the developing world’s most basic need…the provision of safe water.

It is estimated that close to 1 billion of the world’s population – that’s 1 in 8 people – lack access to safe water. It is also estimated that each year around 3.6 million people – over half being children – die from water-related illness, 98% in the developing world. Lack of safe water claims more lives each year than war! Every 15 seconds a child dies from water-related disease.

So how do we help Water for Kids…and if you are taken with our cause, how can you help further?

On our side, for every person that undertakes a water-based activity session at Craggan Outdoors – that’s gorge walking, kayaking, raft building, River Spey canoeing and white water rafting – we will donate 50p to Water for Kids. Since starting our relationship with Water for Kids in 2009, Craggan Outdoors has raised more than £5,000 for the charity, with our latest donation donation at the end of the 2017 season totalling £686.50, representing 1,373 people that have enjoyed water-based activities with us during that year. If you would like to add to this total, then let us know when you are booking and we can add whatever donation you wish to make to your booking.

Alternatively, please visit Water for Kids yourself to find out more about their work and to donate privately. Every pound spent on provision of safe water is estimated to have an eight-fold economic benefit by the time it reaches a community in the developing world, so the more you give, the more benefit you can see your donation is achieving! Source of all statistics:

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Craggan Outdoors offer good value access for people of all ages and abilities to a wide range of fun and challenging outdoor activities. The majority of activities take place on-site at our scenic Glenbeg Estate location, minimising your travel time to and from activities, and also our impact on the environment. Others are just a short distance away. As a responsible provider, wherever we undertake our activities, Craggan Outdoors follows and promotes the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Scottish Canoe Association Spey Guide

Craggan Outdoors is bordered by the world famous River Spey, so it is only appropriate that we follow and promote the Scottish Canoe Association’s guide to Protecting the Environment.

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