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Walk & Climb

Filed in Land, Outdoor by on 3rd December 2015 • views: 12800

Enjoy a full and active day in the beauty of the Cairngorms National Park with our walk and climb combination, an ideal way to enjoy being a part of some of the beautiful natural environments that this area of Scotland has to offer. The rock climbing takes place at Huntley’s Cave, a fantastic crag just 5 miles or so from Craggan Outdoors – BEST OUTDOOR ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE in the Scottish Outdoor Leisure Awards 2019 – offering a range of climbs to suit the abilities of each group, from complete beginner or novice climber, through to more able and experienced participants.

And to get there, what better way than to take a walk, led by a qualified instructor, through contrasting landscapes and scenery, beginning with a short section of the Speyside Way, then up through the ancient pine woodlands that border Grantown-on-Spey, through the Victorian planned town and onto the Dava Way, a 24-mile long distance path that follows the path of the old railway line between Grantown and Forres. Follow this path for it’s first 3 miles and the group will arrive at Huntley’s Cave.

The ‘Walk & Climb’ day is suited to groups of up to eight people, or up to 16 if splitting into two groups, with half walking and then climbing, and half climbing and then walking back. Pricing ranges from £57 per person and upwards, depending upon group numbers, and is suited to all types of groups from primary school P6 / P7 age upwards. Always book ahead to avoid disappointment. And don’t forget to ask us about catering for your group aswell.

Vouchers also available.

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